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Century Roofing Specialists offer various high quality tile roofing products.

Eagle Roofing Products

The available styles and colors will help enhance any architecture resulting in curb appeal that is not available with other roofing materials. Adding the performance and longevity of a concrete tile roof to its aesthetic qualities results in a project that gets noticed. Whether you are a production builder looking for ways to differentiate your development or a homeowner who plans to sell your home in the near future, a concrete tile roof will help increase the home's value.

Bel Air

Flintlastic SA Peel & Stick (self-adhering roofing system) with 2 or 3 ply membrane will make you roof look nice and clean with up to 20 year warranty .Three ply flat roof system include Flintlastic SA Base Sheet going over the roof deck , Flintlastic SA Mid Ply membrane going over base sheet and Flintlastic SA Cap Sheet with different granules colors to make nice look and match to rest of your house.

To specify a tile color please click on the image and see the code number listed below.
They are listed in order of sample color presentation.


Golden Eagle