Florida CCC 1326909


When your home has a roof slope of 2:12 or less the only roof system you can install by local building code would be flat roof material. We call it roll Roofing. Century Roofing Specialist provides a large selection of flat roof material with different brands, quality and colors. If you have a shingle roof with a back porch that has a flat roof, we can offesr you roll roofing to match the color of your main roof shingles.

CertainTeed Flintlastic SA

Flintlastic SA Peel & Stick (self-adhering roofing system) with 2 or 3 ply membrane will make you roof look nice and clean with up to 20 year warranty .Three ply flat roof system include Flintlastic SA Base Sheet going over the roof deck , Flintlastic SA Mid Ply membrane going over base sheet and Flintlastic SA Cap Sheet with different granules colors to make nice look and match to rest of your house.

Tapered Systems

Hunter Panels Low Slope Roofing Products

Hunter Tapered H-Shield

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Hunter Tapered H-Shield CG

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Hunter Hinged Target Sump

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Hunter 4'x4' Target Sump

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Hunter Pre-cut Tapered Hips & Valleys

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