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Your Complete Guide to Hip Roofs

Your Complete Guide to Hip Roofs

Your Complete Guide to Hip Roofs

Hip roofs are roofs that have four sides rising to a point in the middle. The term hip roof refers to the style of roof and not the materials used to construct it. Since they often have a large pitch, water easily drains off them. A huge advantage to a hip roof is that they provide shade on all sides of the house helping you enjoy your yard during all times of the day. Their design also helps protect exterior walls and surfaces meaning you may have to replace siding or paint less often. Hip roof structures can be covered with almost any roofing material. Since hip roofs are so popular, you will definitely want to consider them carefully when designing a new roof.

What are the Parts of a Hip Roof?

Generally, hip roofs consist of four parts. The length of your common rafters determines how high your roof stands as these boards run from the top point of your roof down to the exterior walls. The ridge board sits at the highest point and all the common rafters are nailed to it. Hip rafters are the boards that are nailed at 45-degree angles extending down to the four outside corners of the building.  Lying between hip rafters, jack rafters extend down to the building’s exterior walls.

What are the Disadvantages of Hip Roofs?

We have covered many of the benefits of hip roofs, but there are also some disadvantages that you should keep in mind. Since these roofs are more complicated to construct than some other types of roofs, they may be more expensive. Proper ventilation can be a challenge if the roof is not properly designed.

What Materials are Best for Hip Roofs?

Almost any type of covering can be used on a hip roof including metal, shingles, and tile. If you are looking to create a Mediterranean-style home, then you may want to consider tile. Asphalt shingles are often a great choice because of their flexibility. The inward slope of these roofs means that most roofing materials will not easily blow off.

Can I get a Discount on My Homeowner’s Insurance?

Since these roofs have proven in wind-tunnel tests to withstand wind better than other roofing styles, you may be eligible for a 10 percent discount on your homeowner’s insurance. While you will want to check out the requirements of each company, generally if the hip roof covers more than 90 percent of the living space, then the home may qualify for this discount.

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