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Why Roofing is a Dangerous Job

Why Roofing is a Dangerous Job

Why Roofing is a Dangerous Job

Roofers face many obstacles during a typical work day, and this requires much coordination and focus to avoid potential accidents.  Because of these risks, roofers must be experienced and trained to take notice of any hazards on the worksite.  They have awareness to weather conditions, different materials, and equipment needed to successfully complete roof repairs and replacements.  When they are more prepared, they are more likely to avoid hazards and prevent injury.  As roofing contractors in Kissimmee, we train our staff to follow the most up-to-date safety measures.  Here are a few reasons why roofing is a dangerous job with many potential risks for injury.

Injury from Falling

The most commonly known hazard on the roofing jobsite is injury from falling off a rooftop.  This is one of the main reasons that homeowners actually call on roofing contractors in Kissimmee to perform roofing services.  Homeowners fear falling, so they call on the experts to come out to get on their rooftops instead.  Even though roofing contractors are experienced and trained to avoid falling from roofs, it is still possible in certain circumstances.  In order to avoid falling, contractors often wear harnesses when working close to the edge.

Slipping on Roofing Materials

When roofers are working on roofs, they will likely experience issues with the roofing materials themselves.  These can range from missing shingles, curved shingles, holes, or leaks.  These issues can cause roofers to lose their footing and potentially trip and fall.  Roofers can even potentially fall through a roof into the attic of a home if there is damage to the integrity of the roof structure.  

Electrocution from Power Lines

When roofers are working on rooftops, they can often encounter power lines that run over the tops of structures.  Sometimes, these power lines are left exposed or even frayed, creating a potential hazard on the jobsite.  When roofers aren't aware of these hazards to begin with, they may easily get electrocuted.  This can create a range of health issues depending on the severity of the electrocution.

Burns from Tar

The tops of Florida rooftops can face extremely warm temperatures, which makes the materials on the top of the roof to be very hot.  Sometimes tar can melt and become sticky to touch.  This could burn roofers who do not have the proper gloves or equipment to deal with these extreme temperatures.  Badly burnt roofers can suffer second or third degree burns from roofing materials on hot days, and this requires medical attention and first aid measures.

Roofing is actually one of the most dangerous jobs, where workers are susceptible to many injuries each day they perform roof repairs and replacements.  You want to be sure to hire a professional and experienced group of roofing contractors in Kissimmee to properly and safely perform your roof services.  Contact us today to hear about how we keep our roofers safe.