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Why Every Commercial Business Needs A Roof Maintenance Plan

Why Every Commercial Business Needs A Roof Maintenance Plan

Why Every Commercial Business Needs A Roof Maintenance Plan

You arrive to work one morning to discover that your business has been flooded with water that has poured into it after a quick rainstorm overnight. While the merchandise is covered by insurance, you realize that it is going to take you several days to recover. Meanwhile, your customers are shopping with your competitors while you are watching your profits shrink to zero. While not every roof disaster can be prevented, installing a semi-annual roofing maintenance plan can reduce leaks by 70 percent, and it may double the life expectancy of your roof. Here is why you will want to call roofers in Kissimmee, FL., to get this important step done today.

Spot Storm Damage

Minor storm damage on a roof often goes unnoticed, but it can be very costly if left untreated. In extreme cases, roof leaks have led to electrical fires as water contacts the building’s electrical system. In other cases, the ceiling may cave in on unsuspecting employees and shoppers. Even if you only have a minor leak, some customers may lower their consideration of your business, especially if you are trying to make a great first impression and they must walk around ugly trashcans catching water.

Avoiding Insurance Claims

While you may be tempted to think that you will just wait and let your insurance company fix it after a major storm, that is not a good idea. The more claims that you make, the higher your commercial insurance will be to pay. Therefore, it is often better, if you pay to get minor repairs done out of your corporation’s profits. Then, when you do need to make a claim, you can prove that you have been taking care of your roof.

Spruce Up the Look of Your Business

Customers driving down the street make a first impression before they ever stop at your business. Having a new roof installed, let’s people know that you are taking care of your business. Therefore, many will assume that you are planning on being there awhile. They will be more tempted to learn more about what it is that your company offers its customers. Once they stop, then you can show them that your company meets their needs perfectly with quality products, reasonable prices, and outstanding customer service.

Century Roofing Specialist has used those same qualities to build their business for more than 17 years. They believe that you will be impressed with their great roofing choices, their reasonable prices and we know that you will be impressed with their customer service. Give these roofers in Kissimmee a phone call today to get them to create a roof maintenance plan for your commercial business. Call them at 407-393-8888 and learn for yourself why many commercial property owners say they will never call anyone else.