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What Should be on a Roofing Estimate?

What Should be on a Roofing Estimate?

Roofers provide estimates in many ways. One roofer may call you and give you a verbal price over the phone without going into detail. Another might give you a written estimate containing very few details. While a third roofing contractor may spell out lots of detail in a formal looking bid. There are at least five elements that should be on a roofing estimate before you agree to hire a company to do roof repair in Sanford.

Project Financial Details

The first thing that you want to find on the bid is the total cost of the project. Some contractors break this down into various parts, so you understand how they arrived at their total. Others just give you the total amount. At a minimum, you should find the upfront payment, any payments you are expected to make while the project is ongoing, and the final payment. Be sure that the roofing contractor puts their name on the contract and your name along with the address of the project. The contract should also spell out who is going to make the necessary payments to the city to get the permits.

Specifics of the project

When you read the contract, you should find many specifics about your roofing project. The specifics should cover the type of underlayment, flashing, roofing material and ventilation that will be installed. It should also show you if you have any warranties on the workmanship or the materials being purchased. If the repair requires the removal of part of the current roof, then the details about who is responsible for cleanup and haul away should also be listed.

Change Provisions

The contract should also list what happens if you change your mind during the project. Furthermore, it should include who to contact if problems arise. You want to also know what happens if materials that the roofer plans to use are not available.

Lien Request

You should ask the roofer for a lien request, especially on a commercial roof. This ensures that when the final payment is made, the contractor has the responsibility to pay the suppliers and any subcontractors that they have used. Without it, it is possible for these individuals to file a lien against your property if they are not paid.

Proof of License

You want to only hire licensed roofing contractors to do your project. Asking them upfront for a copy of their current license helps ensure that you are working with a reputable company.

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