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Use These Tips to Avoid Roofing Scam Artists

Use These Tips to Avoid Roofing Scam Artists

Use These Tips to Avoid Roofing Scam Artists

Unfortunately, there are some roofing scam artists that homeowners need to watch out for after a disaster. While you often see them after a significant natural disaster, like a hurricane or flood, they can appear at other times too. Like ambulance-chasing lawyers, they often contact homeowners right after a fire or another event has caused significant damage to your home. Many times, these roofers take the homeowner’s money and never make the repairs or the quality of their roof is exceptionally shabby. When you are dealing with a roofing contractor, there are some common signs that you need to move on quickly to the next contractor before you become their next victim.  

All References Out of State

You should ask every roofing contractor for a list of references. If they provide you a list where almost everyone lives out of state, it can be an important clue that they are new to the area. Keep in mind that these references may be fake, so contact them yourself. Listen to both what is said and what is left unsaid about the quality of the job that they did for them. You may also want to look the company upon the Better Business Bureau and popular review sites.  

Wants to be Paid in Cash

You should never pay your contractor in cash, even if they promise you a sizable discount. They may ruin the roof repair job, and you will never see them again. Then, you have no way to stop your payment. Some contractors even ask for a cash upfront payment, but they never reappear to complete the work. Often, because you are not a roofing expert, you may not even realize that the contractor messed up the job until they are long gone.  

Wants Money for Undelivered Supplies

It is not unusual for a homeowner to be asked to pay for supplies once they are delivered, but you should never agree to pay for the whole job up front. You should have a written contract showing when payments are due. You may also want to be sure that part of the agreement releases you from liability if the contractor does not pay the subcontractors if they use any on your Orlando roofing job.  

Unbelievable Low Prices

If the contractor offers prices that are unrealistically below other contractors bids, then a red flag should go up. You should also not fall for roofing contractors who are not licensed to operate in the state of Florida.  

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