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Types of Water Drainage Systems for Flat Roofs

Types of Water Drainage Systems for Flat Roofs

Types of Water Drainage Systems for Flat Roofs

A flat roof offers a lot of appealing characteristics and benefits one of which is having a rooftop garden or an additional outdoor living space. With these benefits, however, comes some challenges such as roof repairs and drainage problems when there is a lot of water from heavy rainfalls. To combat these challenges, let us check out the types of water drainage systems that you can ask roofers in Orlando to install on your flat roof.

1. Gutters

Although you can easily replace gutters, you should never ignore maintaining them regularly. Your gutters stop water from pouring off the roof, and they help protect doorways and window openings. Gutters also help avoid pooling and rising of water at the foundation of the building. It is vital that you clean your gutters regularly all through the year because of dirt and debris such as leaves from trees and other types of debris which can make your gutters ineffective.

2. Inner Drains

Inner drains, installed around the middle of a building help drain water from the roof through pipes attached to the drain. You only have to make sure the drains are attached to the roofing materials correctly. The drains are protected from weather elements because they are placed inside the roof and walls, so freezing during the winter season does not affect them. To prevent clogging of the drains, you can install a custom strainer. You have to, however, keep in mind that you need professional roofers to maintain and repair your inner drains.

3. Scuppers

Scuppers is a drainage system installed in curbs or walls on the edges of a flat roof through which water drains away. A correctly installed scupper is a low-cost and effective water drainage system that does not require much maintenance. If the scuppers you installed can handle a lot of buildups, debris and dirt are warded off the roof and your property. You have to make sure your hired roofer in Orlando keeps the scupper runoff away from the building’s wall or foundation.

Flat roofs are used on properties for different lifestyles and architectural purposes. A lot of homes also have parts of their roofing system that are flat such as porches, garages and balconies. Effective water drainage is a vital part of maintaining your flat roof. To install the best water drainage system, our professional roofers in Orlando at Century Roofing Specialists can help you. Contact us today by calling us or send us an email to get a free estimate for your next home improvement project.