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5 Types of Roofs to Consider for Your Orlando Home

5 Types of Roofs to Consider for Your Orlando Home

5 Types of Roofs to Consider for Your Orlando Home

If you drive around Orlando, then you are likely to see over ten types of roofs. Before you hire a contractor, like Century Roofing Specialist, learn more about each one.

Flat Roofs

Properly designed flat roofs give you additional living space as you can plant rooftop gardens or create an outdoor living space on them. Despite the name, flat roofs are not totally flat. Instead, they have a slight pitch to them so that rain will properly pour off. These roofs are often very economical to have built, and they are economical to maintain. They usually give a building a very modern look.

Pyramid Hip Roofs

Pyramid hip roofs are some of the most common in Orlando. These roofs are composed of four slanted sides that meet at one centralized point. Their shape encourages water to pour off, which may help stop mold and roof leaks from puddling. Most pyramid hip roofs are built with large overhanging eaves, which may provide additional shade to the house helping to lower cooling bills. These roofs are some of the most aerodynamic options available, which may help your building survive wind damage.

Gable Roofs

Another very common roof shape in Orlando is the gable roof that slopes on two sides. Gable roofs are a large category, so these roofs can be designed in many ways. Front gable roofs often have the front door placed under the roof’s front edge. Cross-gable roofs consist of two or more gable roofs crossing at an angle. Dutch gable roofs are a unique hybrid where a gable roof is crossed with a hip roof.

Shed Roofs

Despite their name, shed roofs are not used exclusively on sheds. These roofs have just one slope, so they are usually an economical option. The simple design of these roofs allows you to choose from a variety of roofing materials. Their steep slope helps prevent puddling and other types of roof leaks. Many homeowners choose to use a shed roof and have a skylight installed to let more natural light into their home.

Saltbox Roofs

Since the first Europeans settled in New England, the saltbox roof has been a popular roofing choice. These sloping roofs have one long side and one short side. They are a great choice for those who would like to create an attic living space. It is also very easy to insulate a saltbox roof allowing homeowners to save on their electricity bills.

Regardless of the type of roof that you choose for your new home, contact Century Roofing Specialist to get your new roof professionally installed. Their experience makes them one of the best roofing contractors in Orlando. The owners speak Spanish along with English to better serve people looking for roofing contractors in Orlando. Contact them today at 407-417-1738.