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4 Types of Metal Roofs to Consider

4 Types of Metal Roofs to Consider

4 Types of Metal Roofs to Consider

If you are considering choosing a metal roof, then you need to decide what type of metal roof is best for your conditions. Learning the advantages of each can help you choose the right one for you and your home.


Aluminum resists corrosion making it a great choice in Sanford and the surrounding area. While some cheaper options are not very hail resistant, heavier options are very resistant and stand up very well. In fact, the average lifespan of an aluminum roof is close to 50 years. Aluminum is a very eco-friendly option as almost 95 percent of aluminum roofing is made from recycled aluminum cans.

Galvalume Steel

The most common metal roofing option seen in Florida is galvalume steel. This roofing tends to crack, however, so it is best reserved for simple roofs where a lot of bending of the metal is not necessary, so discuss this option with experienced roofers in Sanford, like Century Roofing Specialists, before making a final decision. It is very resistant to corrosion since most are made with an aluminum base metal coated with zinc. The average lifespan of these roofs is about 40 years making them a very cost-effective option over the course of the roof’s lifespan.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is usually made with a base of carbon/ iron steel that is then coated with zinc to prevent it from rusting as quickly. The coating is designed to wear off when the roof is injured, like with a tree limb brushing against it, while protecting the center core. When choosing galvanized steel, it is important to choose options with a thick covering as they will do a better job of protecting the core. The amount of coating is given as a “G” rating and the higher the number the more coating that is on the roof. Most G-90 roofs will last about 35 years.


A copper roof is one of the most beautiful, but it is often the most expensive common metal roofing option. It often takes eight to 15 years for the beautiful blue-green color of copper to appear. You also need to think about where the runoff water from your roof is headed because the color often transfers onto brick and other surfaces. Some copper roofs have lasted more than 100 years, so its initial expense may be worthwhile for homeowners planning to keep their home. Oftentimes, copper is used in select areas, like over a bay window or a verandah, to create an interesting contrast. Be aware, however, that when copper roofing encounters other metals that it can corrode extremely quickly.

If you are thinking of having a metal roof installed, then it is important to work with the right roofers in Sanford. Give Century Roofing Specialist a call at (407) 393-8888 as they have the experience necessary to do the job right the first time.