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Top Causes of Roof Damage

Top Causes of Roof Damage

Top Causes of Roof Damage

One of the most essential components of a house is the roof. It gives a covering for the house and shields you from heat and extreme cold. It keeps you and your properties safe from the harsh conditions of the atmosphere. It also plays a vital role in the insulation of the house.

The roof is also one of the most expensive structures that form a building and one needs to take good care of it. Knowing the most common causes of roof damage will help you make conscious steps to preserve your roof.

1. Tree Limbs and Debris

While tree leaves and debris are the most common causes of roof damage, they can be easily avoided. The best way is to keep large trees trimmed. Branches that could snap during heavy rain snow or due to old age should be trimmed off. Debris flying around could land on your rooftop, creating an extra problem. Hence, be sure to keep trees and branches at some distance from your roof.

2. Weather

Weather is also one of the major causes of roof damage. The forms in which weather can damage roof include winds, snow, hail and even sunshine. All these elements of weather have adverse effects on the roof.

They also decrease the lifespan of the roof and can trigger the deterioration of shingles that soften and weaken the roof.

3. Birds and Animals

Depending on your location, animals and birds can also be a nuisance to your roof. Wildlife like raccoons, woodpeckers, squirrels, bats, rats, nesting birds, and some house cats could cause damage.

With this in mind, be sure to keep an eye out for these animals constantly. They are usually behind most tears in shingles and vent covers when they are looking for food. We know that raccoons are cute, but they can destroy your roof anyway.

4. Faulty Gutters

Gutters are installed to keep water away from your roof towards your foundation. Gutters become faulty when wrongly installed, damaged, or clogged, leading to water buildup on the roof.

These could trigger rust and deteriorate some roof parts which gradually wears the roof out. Faulty gutters could be disastrous as they could weaken and soften roofing materials. This happens when water builds up, depending on the style and construction of your roof, causing leaks.

It is evident from the above that there are many factors or things that can damage a roof. However, with proper roof care and maintenance, you can preserve your roof.

If you, however, do need to maintain, upgrade or repair your roof, get in touch with us at Century Roofing Specialists. We have skilled roofing contractors in Sanford that will handle all your roof issues without any glitch. We will help protect your home and roof from further damage.