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Tips for Maintaining Clay Tile Roofs

Tips for Maintaining Clay Tile Roofs

Tips for Maintaining Clay Tile Roofs

There are lots of roofing styles, and clay tile happens to be one of the most popular and most preferred. Most Florida property owners often ask their roofing contractors to install clay roofing for them but after installing, how much maintenance does clay roof need? Typically, clay roofing requires little maintenance. A periodic or annual inspection is enough to keep the roof in good condition for many years. But to be safe and without worry, it is better to inspect and maintain from time to time. The tips below will help you prevent issues with your clay roof.

1. Schedule an annual inspection

During spring or fall, contact a roofing contractor in Daytona for a professional inspection of your clay roof. A profession roofing contractor knows where to check for bruising, chips, cracks or any other distortion that any of the elements such as snow, heat, rain or wind may have caused your roof. The roofing contractor will replace any damaged tiles in your roof to avoid roof leakage.

2. Get rid of roof algae

Algae thrive in clay tiles, and you should check for this from time to time. Once you notice the presence of algae on your clay roof, use a solution of warm water and dish detergent in a low-pressure power washer to get rid of it. You should, however, not spray the tiles directly so that the pressure does not crack the tiles. To prevent the accumulation of dirt, algae and mold on your clay roof, use a sealant which your roofing contractor in Daytona will recommend.

3. Combat Routine Debris

Apart from algae, the accumulation of debris is another problem you may face with your clay roof. Debris that may accumulate on your clay roof include leaves, tree branches and other debris carried by the wind. When there is too much rubble on your roof, it may clog the gutters and cause water to leak through the roof. Contact a roofing contractor in Daytona to evaluate your roof when this happens.

4. Prevent potential problems

Routine inspection of your roof can help you prevent expensive repairs even in a new roof. Apart from cleaning the gutters and downspouts periodically. You can take the extra step of covering them with wire mesh so that debris have no way of accumulating. And in the event of rapid storms or thaws, get a roofing contractor in Daytona to inspect the attic and underside of the roof for any signs of leaking.

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