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Stop Algae and Keep It Away From Your Florida Roof

Stop Algae and Keep It Away From Your Florida Roof

Stop Algae and Keep It Away From Your Florida Roof

Many Florida homeowners are too familiar with the pain that it can be to keep algae from growing on their roofs. In most cases, this is Gloeocapsa magma, more commonly called blue-green algae. It may look like dirt stains, to begin with, but it can destroy roofs when left alone. There are many different ways that you can get rid of blue-green algae.  

Regular Maintenance

You need to maintain your roof regularly or pay someone to do it to prevent algae buildup on your Sanford, Florida, roof. Be sure to remove any leaves or debris that builds up because water trapped underneath is the perfect place for algae to get started. You may want to use a soft power washer to do the job, but be careful to not apply to much pressure because you can knock granules off your shingles. You can also use bleach or vinegar to kill the algae. Prune limbs away from your roof to expose more of the area to sunshine.  

Zinc or Copper Strips

While a few homeowners find them ugly, fastening zinc or copper strips to your roof stops algae growth. Algae is allergic to the zinc or copper, so it dies when rainwater runs across the pieces and the algae. Most strips are effective for about 15 feet, so you may need to have several rows installed on your roof. Roofers nail the strips in place, which creates extra holes where water can get under the shingles. Additionally, the areas where the nails occasionally corrode over time, so you need to have them checked regularly. If the strips are too thin, then they can warp, and the rainwater does not run across them as designed.  

Algae-resistant Shingles

The most effective way to stop algae from growing on your roof is to use algae-resistant shingles. While there have been several different choices over the decades since manufacturers first introduced them in the 1960s, the most effective one's available today have copper granules applied to the shingles. These granules are strategically incorporated into the shingles to provide uniform protection across the entire roof. Watch the warranty to see how long your choice is guaranteed to resist algae growth.  

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