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Six Signs It's Time to Replace Your Roof

Six Signs It's Time to Replace Your Roof

"It's time to get a new roof" is a sentence most homeowners dread hearing.  It is an expensive and undesirable service most homeowners hope to avoid.  However, every roof has its lifespan.  Making sure that your roof is working properly is critical to keeping your home safe from the elements.  A poorly functioning roof can cause irreparable interior damage to your belongings, furniture, carpets, dry wall, and pretty much anything else you have inside your home, and this is something you'll absolutely want to avoid by replacing your roof when needed.  As roof contractors in Orlando, Century Roofing Specialists have seen any and all roof issues and we have worked with our homeowners to repair and replace any damaged roof structures.  There are six tell-tale signs that show you it's time to call a roof repair service to replace your roof.

Algae Growth

When bacteria grow on your roof, it can start eating away at your shingles, promoting algae growth.  This will compromise your shingles weatherproofing properties and lead a decrease in its overall function.  Over time, this can affect more shingles and can compromise the entire roof structure if left neglected.

Moisture and Mold Growth

When water damage has occurred, you may start to see signs of this in your attic.  This can happen when your attic is poorly ventilated, which causes a buildup of heat that creates condensation in your attic.  Your plywood may become rotted.  Even worse, mold and mildew can begin to grow.  Mold and mildew growth cause detrimental health effects to those inside your home.  This will need addressed immediately.

Damaged Shingles

Shingles that are losing their granules, which look like dark, coarse sand, show wear and tear and will likely need replaced.  Also, curled or buckling shingles can be a sign that water damage has occurred, and this could leave the interior of your home at risk.  You do not want your shingles to show damage because then it leaves your home exposed to the elements and they damage they create.

Paint Damage

When your roof is poorly functioning, water can begin to trickle off the sides and ruin the paint on your siding.  If you notice streaking, bubbling, or straining of the paint on the exterior features of your home, you want to be sure to call roofing contractors to come out and take a look.  This could be seeping into the cracks of your home and causing structural damage underneath the roof and siding as well.

Light or Water Coming into Your Home

This may be the most obvious sign that you need to repair or replace your roof.  When you see light coming into through the roof boards, or you see water damage on your ceilings, you need to call for immediate help.  This indicates big problems with your roof's weatherproofing abilities.

High Energy Bills

Higher than normal energy bills are also a tell-tale sign that something isn't working efficiently in your home. This could point to a roofing issue.  Poor ventilation and insulation often lead to decreased energy efficiency in the home.

If you think your roof is structurally damaged, call the premiere roof contractors in Orlando to come out and inspect your roof.  At Century Roofing Specialists, we offer our clients an outstanding and trustworthy service to address any of your roofing needs.  Contact us today.