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Roofs Throughout Daytona Beach Florida’s History

Roofs Throughout Daytona Beach Florida’s History

Roofs Throughout Daytona Beach Florida’s History

When you drive across Daytona Beach, you will see many beautiful historic homes. You will find homes built with Georgian hipped roofs, Queen Anne turrets, Mansard roofs, and shingle-style bungalows. Regardless of the style of your roof, several different historically accurate roofing materials are available.

Clay Tiles

By the time that Jamestown, Virginia, was getting well established, clay-tile roofs were extremely popular because they helped stop fires. The first clay tiles were “s” shaped, but soon flatter choices were common. Later, Moravian settlers brought their long curved-butt clay tiles to the Daytona Beach area. While the popularity of clay tiles disappeared for a while, once Revival style homes started being built about 1880, clay tiles found a new audience. Many settlers who would have come south when the first railroad reached Daytona Beach in the 1890s.


One of the signs of great wealth was to have a slate roof installed on a Colonial American home. Most slates for roofing was shipped to America from Wales, and the cost could be very prohibitive. Soon, however, early settlers discovered how to make slate roofs along the Eastern seacoast. By the mid-1800s, slate had become the most common roofing material in the United States, and it stayed that way until the turn of the 20th century. Different colored slate came from different regions along the Atlantic Ocean in the United States, but they were often combined to create geometric patterns or to write dates or other details.

Wood Shingles

While many people in cities shied away from wood shingles because of the fire danger, that was not the case in rural areas. Local materials were often used to make wood shingles, so in the New England states white pine and oak were often used while in Southern states, like Florida, cypress was a more popular choice. The 100th birthday of the United States created a new architecture style in America called the shingle style, which made great use of wood shingles.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles were the first roofing material invented in America. There are several claims to who made the first ones, but by the 1920s, they were one of the most popular roofing choices. The first asphalt for roofing was produced in large rolls, but it was not very durable. Manufacturers added many different ingredients to try to make it more durable including mice, fly-ash, oyster shells, and slate. The trend of using asphalt roofing caught on during the 1920s when the United States Board of National Fire Underwriters ran a large campaign pointing out the dangers of using wood roofing.

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