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Roofing Problems Associated with winter and their Solutions

Roofing Problems Associated with winter and their Solutions

Roofing Problems Associated with winter and their Solutions

For anybody that lives an area where there is always extreme winter, then they are no new to experiencing the many issues that come up during the winter season. Winter affects our lives in every way, and the roof on our properties are not exempt from the effects of winter. There is usually a high demand for roofing contractors in Sanford during winter because of the problems homeowners face with their roofs during winter. Below are some of those problems and the solutions to them.

1. Heavy snow

You should never leave snow to accumulate on your roof without doing anything about it. High amounts of snow and ice increase the weight on your roof beyond what the roof was designed to hold. If you leave this additional weight on your roof for too long, it could damage your roof and cause a myriad of problems. You can buy a roof rake to remove the snow on your roof which is a physically demanding task. If you are not cut out for tasks like this, you can hire a roofing contractor in Sanford to do this for you but to save money; you can take on the task yourself. Another option you have to get rid of the ice is to install de-icing cables on your roof which will melt the ice immediately it lands on your roof.

2. Flashing Leaks

Roof leaks occur most commonly in the roof’s flashing. Ice, high winds and harsh weather can pull the flashing apart leaving the roof exposed to the weather elements such as rain thereby allowing water to get into your home. Before winter fully sets in, make sure you carry out a thorough roof inspection by a professional roofing contractor in Sanford and if you have a missing or damaged flashing, it will be replaced immediately.

3. Ice Dams

Sometimes the temperature at the upper part of your roof goes above freezing point, and the lower parts go below freezing point. When this happens, water runs down your roof and re-freezes at the gutters and edge of the roof to create an ice dam. This water can damage your shingles if it freezes under them and when the warmer water accumulates behind the ice dam, t can cause water damage to your home if it gets in. You have to combat this problem by making sure your roof has the right insulation and is adequately ventilated.

4. Icicles

Icicles are caused by the same condition that causes ice dams. When the downspouts and gutters of your roof get clogged, thawing water easily gets refreeze, and the weight can damage your roof’s gutters. Always make sure you clear your roof of debris and installing de-icing cables also work to solve this problem.

Always remember that in emergency roof situations, calling a roofing contractor in Sanford is a good idea. Get in touch with us anytime at Century Roofing Specialists by calling us or sending us an email.