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Roofing Issues that Warrant a Professionals Help

Roofing Issues that Warrant a Professionals Help

Roofing Issues that Warrant a Professionals Help

As a home owner you will experience a wide array of issues pertaining to your roof. Don’t be discouraged. If you need to hire a roofing contractor in Orlando, Century Roofing Specialists is here to help. No job is too big or too small for the best roofers in Orlando. Here are a few roofing issues you should look out for that require a professional help.


Leaks can cause all sorts of costly and dangerous problems for your home, including water damage, mold and mildew growth, electrical hazards, and even structural deterioration. After installation of your new roof, you should have your roof regularly inspected to ensure leaks do not develop over time. Not only should you have a roofing expert come and check it out once or twice a year but also keep an eye on it yourself.

Unwanted Vegetation

Moss and algae can wreak havoc on an improperly protected roof. Not only can these plant pests be unsightly and hard to get rid of, but they can also create major problems for your roof, including shingle deterioration and buckling. There are several things you can do to prevent moss and algae from growing on your roof. Start with choosing an algae resistant shingle. You can also ask your contractor to install zinc strips at the peak of your roof during roof installation because zinc is a natural enemy of moss and algae. Other metals that work well include copper, aluminum, and galvanized metal. 

Storm Damage

You can't prevent Mother Nature from doing her thing weather-wise, but there are steps you can take to prepare your roof for the inevitable. Equip your roof with high-quality impact resistant roofing products that have an excellent wind rating. Make sure not to skimp on this step and go with some cheaper, less reliable materials, because you will only be costing yourself a lot of money on storm damage repairs later on.

Invasive Critters

If you're not careful, your roof can become a habitat for squirrels, possums, raccoons, and the like. The fact is, critters just love breaking into roofs for shelter. After all, it is a very convenient way to keep protected from the elements. There are many things you can do to keep furry intruders out. The most common access points on a roof for wild animals are the fascias, soffits, vents, and chimney. So you're going to want to pay particular attention those areas and make sure they're well maintained. Have them regularly inspected for scratch and bite marks and make sure your chimney is properly capped to avoid any creatures getting stuck in there. You should also keep an eye on your attic for any evidence of unwanted inhabitants, such as nests, fur, or holes with oily residue around them. 

Membrane Shrinkage

If you have a flat or low-pitch roof, chances are your roof is protected by a rubber membrane. Although this material works well for these types of roofs, problems can occur if the membrane dries out and loses its elasticity. That's when it can shrink and pull away from shingles and flashing, creating weak spots in the roof where leaks and deterioration can occur.