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Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof Maintenance Tips

You expect your roof to protect you, your loved ones and your processions, but when was the last time that you stopped to see if it was doing OK? Having some simple roof maintenance done can help your roof last even longer. You should check your roof regularly and have routine maintenance done as the temperatures begin rising in the spring and falling in the autumn.

Clean the Roof

You should have your roof cleaned regularly. When leaves and other debris are left sitting on the roof, then moisture can get trapped underneath. When water pools on the roof, then it can damage the shingles, and the water can seep underneath harming the roof’s structural integrity. Our lovely Florida weather allows mold and mildew to increase, and it also encourages algae growth, which can all be problems for roofing materials.

Check for Problems

You do not even have to go up on your roof to spot some types of roof damage. If you notice cracks in your walls or ceiling that are wider than the tines on a fork, then you will want to call a roofing contractor in Kissimmee. Furthermore, you should regularly go into the attic or the upper floor to make sure that you cannot spot any signs of damage to the rafters and trusses. While you are there, you should also make sure that you cannot see any light coming in through the roof.

Look for Puncture Objects

You need to keep branches trimmed away from over your roof. In a bad storm, they can get blown off and puncture your roof. Additionally, you need to regularly check any equipment, like HVAC units and satellite dishes, that are on your roof to make sure that they are securely attached.

Inspect the Tiles

Regularly take a stroll around your yard to see if you see any granules laying on the ground because this can be a sign of shingle damage. At least twice a year, have someone go up on your roof to look for lose or missing shingles because then water can get under your roofing materials, which sets up even more problems. Make sure that the ridge cap tiles are held firmly in place, and that the flashing has not come off or begun to rust.

Clean the Gutters

If present, clean your home’s gutters regularly. As you know, leaves and dirt love to build up in them. Then, when it rains, the water does not flow down to the ground properly. Instead, it backs up under the edge of the roof, which may cause unseen damage to your home’s roof.

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