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Reasons You Need Roof ventilation in Your Home

Reasons You Need Roof ventilation in Your Home

Reasons You Need Roof ventilation in Your Home

Roof ventilation is usually unique to every home. When designing a roof ventilation system, roofing contractors in Orlando, FL will consider many factors to make sure they get the right specification to develop the appropriate roofing ventilation for your home. Some important reasons to consider roof ventilation are:

1. To Make the Roof Last

In the winter, icicles do build up on the edge of roofs and gutters. This is known as ice damming. While icicles are visible, the damage they do to your roof is not visible to the naked eye.

When the heat from the sun combines with heat coming from your attic, it will lead to the melting down and flowing of ice on your warm roof. While the melted water runs down the edge of your roof, it freezes again. As this ice formation starts along the edge of your roof, it can back up under your roofing material. This can gradually destroy your entire roofing system, your attic, and your walls.

With proper ventilation, the warm air will cycle out before it can melt the ice and snow on your roof. The best way to know if your roof is well ventilated is to take a look. There should be snow on the roof, not icicles!

Even when the outside temperature is hot, you are at an advantage with a well-ventilated roof. With a high outdoor temperature, the temperature on your roof can be almost double. When your roof is too hot and your attic is poorly ventilated, you have a very hot attic.

This is due to the absence of an escape route for the heat that has built up. This can also cause damage to the shingles right from inside.

2. Reduction in Energy Costs

When the outside temperature is hot, we look forward to a cooler indoor space. With a well-ventilated roof, heat easily escapes which doesn’t make the air conditioner do excess work. When your air conditioner is doing less work, it translates to a low energy bill.

3. Reduces extremes in indoor temperatures

At times, when you walk upstairs, you might feel as if it is warmer than the temperature of your living room. People living in ranch houses might also notice this.

These extremes in indoor temperatures are due to an attic that is poorly ventilated. As long as your roof is well ventilated and hot air goes out allowing cool air to travel into the attic, your house will be comfortable throughout the year.

How Can Century Roofing Specialists help you?

Century roofing specialists employ the best roof ventilation methods available in the market. If you need help with roof repairs in Orlando, FL, be sure to give us a call. We have skilled and licensed roofers in Orlando, FL that can help with all roofing job.

All in all, for centuries to come you are sure to enjoy the benefits of a well-vented roof!