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Preventing Wind Damage to Roofs on Commercial Buildings

Preventing Wind Damage to Roofs on Commercial Buildings

Preventing Wind Damage to Roofs on Commercial Buildings

It only takes a second for a high wind to tear off the roof on your commercial building. Wind damage to a commercial roof can be catastrophic to your operation as it protects your inventory, customers, and employees. While no one can guarantee that you will never suffer wind damage to your commercial building, there are some steps that you can take to lessen the likelihood that wind will damage your roof.

Consider the Whole Roof

Before you start looking at individual components of your commercial roof, it is vital that you look at your roof's design. One of the most common reasons for commercial buildings losing their roofs is negative wind pressure. Giving the wind a path up and away from your property can often save your roof when high winds blow in Kissimmee.

Edge Securement is Vital

One of the most vulnerable parts of the building is its edges. If a high wind gets under the corner of your roof, then it can lift off the whole roof structure in milliseconds.  Securely fasten your roof to the rest of the building. Use hurricane straps to secure the roof in place and inspect them regularly. The roof's weight should rest on the building's foundation.

Provide a Line of Defense

Just like an army going into battle, your roof should have many lines of defense, and it is only as strong as its weakest member. The first line of defense is to make sure that your flat roof has enough drainage to get rid of rainwater quickly. The second line of defense is to choose a roofing material that is strong enough to withstand most windstorms. Metal roofs are available in at least two different thicknesses with G-90 being the thickest, and it can withstand more wind than other options. The third line of defense is your roof's underlayment. Choose a material that is flexible and will not easily tear to keep your building protected if the roof material begins to blow off.

Inspect Your Commercial Roof Regularly

If you have not been up on your roof in a while, then you will be amazed at the amount of material that has blown there and remained. When high winds occur, then these objects can penetrate your roofing materials causing your building to leak. You need to inspect more regularly if your HVAC system, satellites, and other heavy pieces are on the roof. You need to hire roofing contractors in Kissimmee, like Century Roofing Specialists, to regularly inspect and clean your roof.

Get your commercial roof inspected today by Century Roofing Specialists. This roofing contractor in Kissimmee can make cost-effective recommendations to improve your commercial roof. They will discuss their findings with you in terms that are easy to understand.