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3 Popular Wood Shingle Roofing Options

3 Popular Wood Shingle Roofing Options

3 Popular Wood Shingle Roofing Options

When someone calls Century Roofing Specialist to come to give them a bid on a new wood shingle roof, they are often unaware that there are different options in wood shingles. Learning the pros and cons of these different options helps you choose the one that is best for your situation. You may also want to ask roofing contractors in Orlando about their professional opinion before making a final decision.

Cedar Shingles

You may already be familiar with cedar shingles as they are the most popular wood shingle roofing option, and it is easy to see why as they are extremely beautiful. The wood for these shingles usually comes from the Pacific Northwest where cedar trees often grow to be more than 50 feet tall. You may also be familiar with the immense beauty of cedar. They are an economical wood roofing option, especially when you consider that most wood roofs last more than 30 years. Cedar is a high-density wood, so these shingles hold their shape in Orlando’s wet and wild climate. Moss has a hard time growing on cedar shingles reducing the amount of roof maintenance work you will need to pay to have done. The fine texture of cedar shingles makes them easy to bend, so they easily fit most roof shapes.

Teak Shingles

If you go onto a luxury ship, then you are likely to see teak used in many different settings because it is water resistant and durable. Those same characteristics are found in teak shingles as these beautiful shingles do a superb job of keeping water out of homes. Additionally, these shingles are the most durable of wood shingle options currently on the market. Teak shingles are also the most cost-effective option for homeowners who are going to be staying in their homes for a long while because they are the most durable with many teak roofs lasting more than 50 years. These shingles are also very earth friendly because they come from trees grown in Asia. Secondly, their naturally high oil content means that no chemicals need to be used when manufacturing them.

Wallaba Shingles

Wallaba shingles have been used in the Caribbean for a long time. The qualities that endear them to these property owners also make them an outstanding choice for Orlando. They are a great option if you are concerned about termites as they are naturally resistant. These shingles are cheaper than teak shingles while still providing a lot of natural beauty. Many studies find that these shingles stand up particularly well to hurricane and tornado conditions.

Regardless of which type of wood shingles that you are considering, call Century Roofing Specialist. These roofing contractors in Orlando have experience putting on all types of wooden roofs. Discuss your ideas with them and watch them bring your ideas to life. Give them a call today at (407) 393-8888.