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Pests on Your Roof

Pests on Your Roof

Pests on Your Roof

If you keep hearing strange sounds coming from your attic, then an animal may have chewed his way through your roof and entered your home. Not all pests, however, will make a peep, so it is essential that you have your roof regularly inspected to see if pests are damaging it.


Even if you have a metal, clay or some other type of non-wood roof, the chances are strong that under your roofing material is a wood structure. Termites often love to chew on this wood, and you may notice piles that they have left behind. You may also smell a moldy smell where wood is present in your home if the infestation is severe. While your first call should be to a professional pest control company, once you are sure that no termites are remaining, then you need professional roof repair in Sanford.

Birds and Bats

While you may plant landscaping to attract certain species of birds to your home, those birds can harm your roof. The primary way that they do this is by building nests in your gutters and downspouts. When they do, then rainwater cannot adequately drain away. Eventually, the water can get under your roof’s materials causing your ceilings to leak. Furthermore, bird and bat droppings are acidic, and this can destroy your shingles by causing them to break down faster. Once you have taken corrective measures, then call a Sanford roofer to fix the damage.

Mice and Rats

You may think about mice and rats living on the floor, but they also love to live on your roof. Roof rats can be deadly, and they can weigh up to 10 pounds. They can quickly chew through your roofing materials and through your underlayment to gain entrance to your home. Once inside, they can chew through wires causing electrical fires. Get rid of the problem, and then get your roof inspected for damage.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees can damage your roof over years because the tunnels that they dig weakens the structural integrity of your roof. Since birds often try to eat the carpenter bees, they dig even deeper to escape becoming a meal. When this happens, you end up with holes in your roof where water can enter. Wood rot often sets up in these holes, further damaging your roof. Once a professional pest control gets rid of the bees, then make sure to get your roof inspected and fixed.

When you are ready for professional roof repair in Sanford, call Century Roofing Specialists. They will be glad to inspect your roof for signs of damage. Then, they will recommend a plan to correct the damage that they find. Easy financing makes fixing your roof faster. Do not delay if you need roof repair in Sanford.