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No More Yellow or Black Glue

No More Yellow or Black Glue

It was not very long ago that roofers used yellow glue to bond the membrane to a substrate and black adhesive to splice the membrane to itself. Then, they would use one or the other to seal the roof to the supporting walls. While this solution worked great in most cases, it was not great for the ozone layer. Today, roofers doing roof repair in Orlando have a variety of products to choose from that are much better for the environment.

How Roof Glue May Hurt the Environment

Yellow glue and black glue are both solvent-based glue that can harm the environment in many ways when used to adhere flat hot tar roofs. Breathing in the fumes can have health consequences, including doing damage to the brain. If the glue enters the water system, then it can be harmful to wildlife. When not disposed of properly, the adhesive can contaminate the soil.

Low-VOC Adhesive Roof Glue

This type of roofing glue contains small amounts of environmentally damaging compounds along with other gluing solvents. Therefore, it has many of the benefits of yellow glue without doing as much damage to the ozone layer. Most are specifically designed to work when bonding single-ply roofing materials to roofing substrates, and it can be used to hold flashings in place.

Extremely low VOC Adhesive Roof Glue

This category of roofing adhesives contains even fewer volatile compounds that hurt the environment, so it may be the best option for those looking to have a roof repaired with green technology. If your roofer chooses to use this type of glue when doing roof repair in Orlando, then you can expect longer drying times, and they must be applied when temperatures are higher. They may, however, be an excellent choice for those who are choosing to live as chemical free as possible.

Solvent-free Adhesive Roof Glue

Solvent-free Adhesive roof glues contain very few compounds that will hurt the environment. The technology used to make this roof glue is very close to the technology used to silicone roof coatings. They go on extremely fast and allow roofers to wet lay the roofing materials. They have a very high coverage rate.

Water-based Adhesive Roof Glue

The last type of roof glue that is currently available is water based. Water-based adhesives have a higher coverage rate than other options on the market, in many cases. Many change colors to indicate when they are ready for your roofer to bound the roofing materials to the roofing substrate.

When requested, at Century Roofing Specialists, we are delighted to discuss our choice of roofing adhesive with you. We care about the environment and your family’s health. Contact our experienced roofers in Orlando for a free estimate for your next roof repair job.