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4 Most Common Metal Roof Problems

4 Most Common Metal Roof Problems

4 Most Common Metal Roof Problems

While metal roofs can be an outstanding choice for many homeowners in the Orlando area, they can develop problems over time. Learning the seven most common metal roofing problems can help you spot them when they are little. That often means that you can get these roofing repairs in Orlando taken care of at a lower cost.

Oil Caning

Oil canning is one of the largest problems for homeowners who choose to go with cheap metal roofs. The problem, which is often called metal stress, causes wrinkles to appear in the metal roofing panels or shingles. While choosing a high-quality product will help solve this problem, it is also important to work with a roofing company, like Century Roofing Specialist, because the way that the roof is put on can affect oil canning. Since it is nearly impossible to avoid all oil canning, you may want to opt for a low-gloss or matte roof as it makes the caning harder to see.


There are some events, like torrential rains, that can make metal roofs leak no matter how well they have been put on and maintained. More often, metal roofs leak because they have not properly been installed. For example, fasteners may be put in too tight, too loose, or off-center. Seams and flashing that has not been installed or installed incorrectly can also cause metal roofs to leak. Butyl tape and other sealants may not have been installed or installed haphazardly.


Chances are that you try to avoid contact with tree branches and other objects so that they do not scuff the paint on your car. Yet, many fail to think about the damage that tree branches and other objects are doing to their metal roof. While it is possible to cover some scuffs up, if the damage goes deep enough, then it can damage the roof permanently. This is especially an issue when careless roofers walk on the roof where they should not walk on it.


One of the reasons that many people opt for a metal roof is its longevity as they want to have the roof put on and forget about it. Corrosion can affect the performance of metal roofs. One area where corrosion often occurs is that water gets trapped under the panels and shingles causing the metal to rust from the underside. Depending on the roof’s exact location, saltwater can corrode the roof. Additionally, some metals naturally corrode when they are placed next to each other.

Hiring the right metal roofing company to put your metal roof on correctly can alleviate a lot of problems from the beginning. If it is too late for that, then call Century Roofing Specialist at (407) 393-8888 to come to take a look. This roofing repair in Orlando company sincerely hopes that you will consider them for your next roofing project. These roofing repair in Orlando experts have the local experience that you can trust.