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Learn to Recognize When a Tree Will Topple to Avoid Roof Repairs

Learn to Recognize When a Tree Will Topple to Avoid Roof Repairs

Learn to Recognize When a Tree Will Topple to Avoid Roof Repairs

One of the most common reasons to need roof repair in Sanford is that a tree has toppled into the roof or that large branches from a tree have come plummeting through the roof. While no one can predict when a hurricane or other bad storm may send a tree through your roof, there are other signs that you should learn to recognize that a tree may soon fall.

Construction Stress

If you have done hardscaping near your trees, then you need to watch them for a couple of years for construction stress. You may also see construction stress if underground lines have been laid near the tree. When possible, drive stakes into the ground a foot or more outside the tree’s drip line. Then, encourage no one to enter that area with heavy equipment. Signs that your trees may be suffering from construction stress include dropping leaves, drooping branches, flowering out of season and wilted leaves.

Leaning to One Side

Trees should stand up straight. If you notice one of your trees leaning to one side, then it may be getting ready to fall. Take a special look at the ground near the tree to see if any of the roots have become exposed. You can also look for signs of cracked soil while the rest of the landscaping is still in great condition. Many trees develop more heavily on one side than the other, so weight distribution may be a problem. If it is, then pruning the tree until the branches are evenly distributed may help save the tree and your nearby roof. Otherwise, it may be time for the tree to go.

Multiple Trunks

While a very few species of trees have multiple trunks naturally, having multiple trunks is a problem in most species. Look at the base of the tree to see if it is u-shaped as these trees are the ones that are most likely to fall during a windstorm or heavy rains. They are also the ones most likely to get hit by lightning and split. Even limbs from trees can do substantial roof damage in a hurry when conditions are right.

If you notice trouble with your trees, then call an arborist to come to give you expert advice. If you waited too long and you have roof damage from trees, then call Century Roofing Specialist at 407-393-8888 to do a roof repair in Sanford. In fact, go ahead and call them now and have them come out and inspect your roof for damage from your trees. It is far better to get any damage corrected while the problem is little than to wait until your trees have caused major damage. You will love this professional team who is efficient and reliable.