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Importance Things To Know About Ice Dams And How To Get Rid Of

Importance Things To Know About Ice Dams And How To Get Rid Of

Importance Things To Know About Ice Dams And How To Get Rid Of

Many roofs are usually at risk of developing ice dams during snow and freezing rain. Ice dams often build up after snowstorms on roofs. These are shelves of ice that form at the edge of roofs due to really low temperatures. They are capable of destroying your roof and causing roof leaks. Ice dams prevent snow from sliding off the roof easily leading to them piling up, causing damage.

How Do ice Dams Form?

Snow, heat and cold are the major causes of ice dams. The process starts when snow lands on the roof. The heat coming from the home melts the snow. The melted snow flows down the roof, and with time, the outdoor cold will again freeze it. This causes the formation and build up of an ice dam on the roof. Ice dams can get really heavy and damage an already-weakened roof, causing water to get into your roof and cause severe damage to your property.

How to prevent ice Dams?

Roof ventilation and solid attic insulation is the best way to prevent ice dams. It is really important that when building a house, the air leaks in the attic are sealed. This will help get rid of the formation of ice dams. Even if this was not done when the house was built, you can get in touch with skilled roofers in Orlando to help with it as part of roof repair or renovation.

How to Get Rid of Ice Dams

Getting ice dams and snows off a roof could be pretty dangerous. With this in mind, we recommend using the right piece of equipment like a strong ladder with a stabilizer bar.

Some of the ways to get rid of ice dams is by using a roof rake to remove snow from the roof. You can do this immediately after snow falls when it is still soft and easy to dislodge. This way, you can prevent the ice dams from forming in the first place.

You can also fill a panty house with calcium chloride and place it alongside the ice dam to prevent ice from forming. Chipping or chiseling tools are useful in breaking up ice dams that have yet to harden. If you, however, plan to chisel or chip away at icicles and ice dams, you have to be careful. You should also bear in mind that this is a pretty dangerous option and could damage your roof. Get in touch with a professional roofing contractor in Orlando to help you to remove ice dams if they form and haven't melted in a few days.

If you need help in getting rid of ice dams on your roof, get in touch with us at Century Roofing Specialists. We have skilled and experienced roofing contractors in Orlando to help take care of ice dams safely and without any damage to your roof. We will also assess your roof for any signs of damage and fix it early enough before it becomes a big deal.