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How Your Roof Saves You Money on Your Homeowners Insurance

How Your Roof Saves You Money on Your Homeowners Insurance

How Your Roof Saves You Money on Your Homeowners Insurance

While no one may like the thought of having to pay for a new roof, the decisions that you make when choosing your roof can affect how much you pay for insurance on your home. The amount of money that you can save depends on the exact location of your home and the features that you choose to install that help make your home more wind resistant, but Florida Statute 627.0629 requires that all homeowners be offered some discounts. Remember that these discounts apply only to the wind portion of your homeowners insurance, which can vary between 15 and 70 percent of your homeowners insurance bill. These discounts are available for all types of residences, including single-family homes, multi-family homes, condominiums, townhomes, and commercial buildings.

Hurricane Clips and/or Hurricane Straps

Also called seismic ties, hurricane clips connect the roof to the main part of the house in a substantial way making it less likely that the roof will blow off. In order to qualify for the discount, it is important that the right size of nail be used. These clips and straps must also have a nail through every hole.

Hip Roof

A hip roof has equal sides that rise to a point at the top. When the wind hits these roofs it usually just keeps moving upward instead of lifting off the roof. In fact, in wind tunnel tests, a hip roof is shown to be up to 15 percent less likely to blow off in a strong storm. Therefore, damage to the building and the surrounding area is greatly reduced. Since the insurance company pays out less money, they can pass the savings on to you.

Reinforced Roof Decking

Your roof decking is the part of the roof that your shingles, metal, tiles or other roofing materials are fastened to by the roofers in Kissimmee. Strengthening your roof decking helps your roofing materials stay in place. It also helps to resist the strength of the wind. Talk to an experienced roofing contractor in Kissimmee, like Century Roofing Specialists, to see what options are available for the type of roof that you have installed.

The great news is that when you choose to install a new roof, you can save money on your homeowners insurance. In addition to these methods, there are many different savings available. This allows you to have a great looking roof that will keep you and your family save in most conditions for at least 20 years. In order to start the process, call Century Roofing Specialists at 407-393-8888. They have over 17 years of experience installing roofs in Central Florida. They even offer special promotions that often allow you to save money and they always offer senior discounts. Give them a call today to get a free estimate on your new roof.