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How to Hang Christmas Lights: Tips to Protect You and Your Roof

How to Hang Christmas Lights: Tips to Protect You and Your Roof

How to Hang Christmas Lights: Tips to Protect You and Your Roof

It's that time of year again -- the time of year where you spread joy and cheer by hanging up your annual Christmas lights that line your rooftop, gutters, and windows.  As roofers in Daytona, we have a few suggestions you should follow when you hang your Christmas lights this year.  These simple tips will help protect you and your roof during this holiday season.

Do Not Walk on Your Roof Shingles or Tiles

Many homeowners love to hang Christmas lights from the edges of their roof in order to fully showcase the exterior outline of their home during the holiday season.  However, when you are stringing your lights from your rooftop, avoid the temptation to walk on the roof itself.  Instead, work only on the edges of the roof from a safe and secure ladder.  Roof shingles can be lacking granules, which reduce tread and can cause you to easily slip and fall.  Tiles are also slippery and easy to break.  If you accidently fall, you can become seriously injured.  Also, you can cause permanent damage to your roof if you break any tiles, which will require costly repairs.

Practice Safe Ladder Usage

When you are outside stringing your lights, you will likely need to use a ladder to reach those higher places.  Once you get out your ladder, be sure that you place it on a flat surface.  Avoid placing it on a surface that isn't level, because then you will be more likely to tip over once you are on the ladder.  You also want to make sure that someone else is outside with you while you are working on a ladder.  They will be able to assist you in handing you materials or keeping your ladder sturdy from the bottom.

Do Not Place Nails in Your Roof Surface

You should always avoid stringing your Christmas lights with nails, screws, or staples.  These can permanently damage the materials of your siding, roof, or windowsills.    You especially want to avoid using these on your roof, as they can puncture the shingles or tiles.  This can then cause water leaks, which can then make your home susceptible to water damage or mold growth.  Instead, invest in light hanging hooks that can hang safely from the gutters or metal edge.

Do Not Put Large Decorations on Your Roof

Nowadays, there are many different types of decorations that enhance the look of your home during the holiday season.  These decorations are inflatables, fixtures, statues, signs, and more.  If you are interested in putting out a decoration similar to these this year, be sure that you keep them off the top of your roof.  These decorations would add extra weight to the tiles and shingles on your roof, which will cause breakage or extra stress on your roof.  Keep larger decorations in your yard, and string your lights only from the edges of rooflines or gutters.

As roofers in Daytona, we recommend that you follow these simple tips to protect both yourself and your roof when you are hanging your Christmas lights this year.  If you need any assistance with stringing your lights, contact us to hear about our quality and professional roofing services.