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Get the Best Roof Settlement in Sanford After a Storm

Get the Best Roof Settlement in Sanford After a Storm

Get the Best Roof Settlement in Sanford After a Storm

As you watch the storm clouds roll away, and you realize that your home’s roof has taken a powerful hit, then your thoughts may turn to your homeowner’s insurance. Before the adjuster arrives, take a few minutes to learn how to get the best settlement for your damaged Sanford, Florida, roof.

Understand How Insurance Works

You have faithfully paid your homeowner’s insurance regularly. Then, the insurance company takes all that money and pools it together and invests it. Insurance companies make more money off their investments than they do off policyholders. When they must pay out claim money, then they have less money to invest. Therefore, they hire adjustors to try to get you to settle for as little as possible. Understand that the job of the adjuster is to work on behalf of the insurance company, although some are much better at protecting the homeowner’s interest than others.

Look for Damage Immediately

As soon as the storm has passed, pick up the storm and call roofers in Sanford to come to inspect your roof. They know the areas that were most likely impacted by the storm and how to spot damage in those areas. Walk around the outside of your home and see if you see shingles laying on the ground. If you see a lot of tree damage, then chances are that your roof has been damaged too. If the storm brought high winds or hail, then chances are that it has been damaged. Getting a free estimate from roofers in Sanford, like Century Roofing Specialist, gives you an expert opinion to show to the insurance adjustor. Often, your roofing company will also take photos that you can use to support your evidence.

Mitigate Your Loss

While you will want to talk to your insurance company before the storm hits, you usually have a responsibility to mitigate your loss. This usually means to get a tarp and cover any roof damage. When you talk to your adjuster, then show him the receipts for any money that you have spent to mitigate further damage. You will normally get that money back during the claims process. You may discover that if you do not tarp your roof, then your insurance will not cover any damage they believe happened after the storm ended.

Settle With Your Insurance Company

Use the figures provided by the roofer and your receipts for any mitigation work to determine what your damages are from roof damage during a storm. Then, do not settle for less than this amount. You may be one of the lucky ones and get a great settlement from the beginning or you may have to make your case more poignantly. Do not let the insurance company back you down on paying for the damages. Very rarely will you need to take the insurance company to court or to mediation to get your damages covered.

While you will not want to make money off the storm’s damage, you pay insurance to get your roof back into shape following a storm. Following these steps can help you achieve that goal. You have the right to hire whoever you want to fix your roof.