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Five Popular Roof Styles in Daytona

Five Popular Roof Styles in Daytona

Five Popular Roof Styles in Daytona

In few areas around the world do roofs face more weather-related challenges than they do in Daytona. Therefore, it is essential to consider the advantages and disadvantages of different roof styles before making a final decision when building a new home or commercial building in Daytona, Florida.

Gable Roofs

Gable roofs, also called pitched or peaked roofs, are one of the most common choices in Daytona. They provide lots of attic space, which can be an asset if you are thinking of finishing the area to add additional living space. If you are thinking of installing large windows or vaulted ceilings, then this is an excellent option. They are often cheaper than other alternatives because of their simple design. The drawback of gable roofs is that wind can get under them easier than other options causing the roof to lift off if not properly secured.

Hip Roofs

Hip roofs have equal sides that come up at the same angle throughout the building to form a flat roof. The inward slope makes these roofs more stable in high winds than gable roofs. The slant also causes rain to roll off. Standing water is one of the common reasons that roofs leak. Adding a crow’s nest or domer allows you to increase your living space. The disadvantage of hip roofs is that they require more materials to construct.

Barn Roofs

Barn roofs, sometimes called Gambrel roofs, have almost a vertical lower slope followed by a shallower upper slope. This unique design helps to create additional living space. If not constructed correctly, pressure can make these roofs unstable causing them to collapse easier than other options.

Flat Roofs

As the name suggests, flat roofs have only a slight pitch that allows water to drain off. If you live on a small lot, then this may be a great choice because you can reinforce the roof to create an outdoor entertainment area. Flat roofs are also a great option if you are thinking about adding solar panels to your home.  These roofs often experience water damage, so generally, they will not last as long as other roofing options.

Skillion Roofs

Skillion roofs used to be only used on lean-tos, but they are being used more often in contemporary home design. Generally, they use less roofing materials, so they usually cost less. Their steep pitch also helps ensure that water does not puddle on the roof.

After you decide with your architect, then make sure your general contractor hires a roofer in Daytona with lots of local experience. These roofers in Daytona, like Century Roofing Specialists, are prepared to get you a roof matching your dreams. They can also point out design flaws or make suggestions on how your roof can be even more of an asset to your new home or business.