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Details That You Should Find in a Roofing Proposal

Details That You Should Find in a Roofing Proposal

Details That You Should Find in a Roofing Proposal

Different roofers in Sanford and other cities may have different proposals that come in various forms. For some, it is handwritten while for some it looks long and official. Whichever it is, the proposal for your roofing project is a form like a letter which is a bid that contains all the elements of the project that you have to review. It is vital that you have everything regarding your roofing project spelled out ahead of the project so you will know if it is something you can execute at that time.

Usually, homeowners get different proposals from different roofers for comparison purposes. And we, at Century Roofing Specialists, are aware of how significant an investment a new roofing project us. Thus, we are always prepared to provide a detailed breakdown of the project cost to the client.

To have an idea of the things that must be in a roofing proposal, check them out below;

A roofer in Sanford should be able to outline the entire roofing project, who will handle each stage of the project and what it will cost. This should also include a starting date and an estimated date of completion. Even though circumstances arise, this overview should serve as a guide around which the project will be based.

Materials to be used

A roofing project proposal should contain all the materials needed for the successful completion of the project. This includes the type of flashing, shingles, ventilation and underlayment for your roof. It should also specify if there are any warranties on the materials and for how long the warranty would last. Materials and expertise go hand-in-hand, and both must be at the highest possible level if you want to achieve the best results.

Cost of the project

A roofer in Sanford should declare all of the costs associated with the project. These costs will include material, labor, license and permits, and post-project cleanup. You both have to be on the same page regarding the costs so you will know what you are getting into and they will know what to expect from you. This goes a long way in preventing contractual disagreements.

Cost of Insurance and Licenses

A professional roofer in Sanford must have the required license to operate in Sanford. They must also be able to attach a copy of a valid license if you request for it. They should also have workers’ compensation and liability insurance in place before commencing your project. These are necessary to take any liabilities off you should anything go wrong with the project.

Be rest assured that at Century Roofing Specialists, we have all the required licenses and insurance. Our roofers in Sanford always make sure your project is commenced on the right foot by providing answers to all your questions satisfactorily. You can also put a call through to us or send an email for further questions. Get in touch with us today.