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Creating a Stormproof Roof in Florida

Creating a Stormproof Roof in Florida

Creating a Stormproof Roof in Florida

AccuWeather is predicting that the 2019 hurricane season will be a near normal one to slightly above average. They say that they think that the weak El Nino could be particularly troublesome, and they have reminded their followers that similar conditions in 1992 cost over $27.8 billion in damages. Now is the perfect time to stormproof your roof since you have your tax return in the bank.

Overall Roofing Recommendations

When Hurricane Charley hit near Kissimmee in 2004, wind speeds were sustained at over 150 miles per hour. Had they stayed under 130 miles per hour, then architectural shingle, tile, and metal roofs would have probably been safe. However, since they went well above that speed throughout the region only tile and metal roofs sustained very little wind damage. Keep in mind that almost no roof can withstand winds higher than 155 miles an hour. Secondly, remember that you need to work with a well-qualified roofing contractor in Kissimmee, FL., like Century Roofing Specialist, to see that your roof is properly installed.

Wind-resistant Metal Roofs

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, metal roofs are best for low-slope roofs where the slope is less than 3:12. They recommend that metal roofs be put on with standing-seam hydrostatic systems as they will withstand penetrating water better than hydrokinetic panels. Additionally, it is easy to see if fasteners come loose from hydrostatic systems allowing them to easily be replaced or new ones added before storm season gets here. They also warn that loads must be calculated correctly so that your roof does not get torn up during a storm. A type II #30 pound felt should be put down under metal roofs to act as a secondary water barrier. As an alternative, metal roofs can be put on with a self-adhering modified bitumen. Two hurricane clips should be placed at eaves, ridges, and hips allowing approximately four-inches between the clips.

Wind-resistant Title Roofs

The second choice that you will want to consider is wind-resistant tile roofs. While it is true that broken tiles can become flying missiles during a storm, tile roofs that are put on properly are some of the strongest options that roofing contractors in Kissimmee, FL can install. FEMA says that after studying thousands of homes with tile roofs impacted by high winds, the tiles there were put on using mechanical or foam-adhesive attachment methods suffered the least amount of damage. Additionally, it is important to calculate loads properly, and consider that corner loads are substantially more than the load on other parts of the roof.

All Florida homeowners hope that AccuWeather is wrong with their hurricane predictions this year. Early predictions are extremely hard to make. Regardless, it is time to call Century Roofing Specialist to get your roof ready for hurricane season.