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Common Roofing Issues and How to Deal with Them

Common Roofing Issues and How to Deal with Them

Our rooftops provide us with shelter and safety from the elements while protecting the precious contents inside our home.  When issues arise, our roof structure is compromised, and it may not function properly.  As roofers in Daytona, we offer many roofing services that help to repair common issues our homeowners and commercial property owners face.  We recommend that you act before these issues get worse.  Here's how to recognize common roofing issues and how you can deal with them.

Water Stains in Your Interior

You don't spend a lot -- or any -- time up on your roof, so roof leaks are tough to detect until they are damaging the inside of your home.  The issue is that most roof leaks aren't detectable until they have advanced.  If you suspect a roof leak, look for water trickling along your roof line next time it rains.  If you have an attic, inspect the area for any leaks by using a flashlight to detect any water reflection.  Once you locate the leak, clearly mark the area and call a local roofer.

Missing Shingles

When you notice dark, patchy areas on your roof, you may be missing shingles.  This is cause for concern when it becomes a rampant and very noticeable problem.  When you lose a few shingles, it can distract from the overall curb appeal, but it is easy fixable.  A roofer can come out to replace a few shingles and keep the functionality and appearance of your roof from additional wear and tear.  However, when you notice many patches of missing shingles or when those shingles are along a major seam, there may be a larger issue.  Your home will likely be susceptible to weather and the elements, which can cause roof leakage and structural damage.

Loose Granules

On an old or broken roof, the shingles will begin to shed its granules.  Granules are extremely important in the function of your roof, for they help your house retain its energy efficiency with their reflective qualities.  This outer layer of the shingles will shed over time, simply letting you know your roof may be nearing replacement.  Do not worry when you have a few loose granules, but if you notice a great loss or large amount of granules in your downspouts and around your roof, it's time to call a roofer.

When you take a good look at your roof and notice one of these above issues, it is best to call a roofer to inspect your roof.  Taking extra precaution can help you avoid a time-consuming and expensive repair, or even roof replacement.  As roofers in Daytona, Century Roofing Specialists has been servicing residential and commercial communities across central Florida for over 17 years.  Contact us today for exceptional service to ensure your roof will withstand the Florida weather.