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Common Problems Seen in Built-up Roofs

Common Problems Seen in Built-up Roofs

Common Problems Seen in Built-up Roofs

Built-up roofs have been a common roofing solution for more than 100 years. They are particularly popular on flat roofs. Yet, over time, like any roofing system, they can present some challenges. It is important to have your roof inspected regularly to spot problems while they are small as the solution is usually more cost effective.


If your roofers in Daytona, like Century Roofing Specialists, tell you that your roof is alligatoring, you do not need to call Florida Games and Wildlife. Instead, this term refers to a series of small cracks that are developing on the roof’s surface. If they are left untreated, eventually, the membrane will crack allowing water to leak into your home or business. The great news is that usually a new top coating can be cost-effectively applied to stop this problem.


Just like an office worker who decides to go spend the day at a beach and gets too much sun, your roof can develop blisters. These soft spots rise in the rooftop’s surface just like blisters on the office worker’s skin. Each blister can be the size of a dime to several feet across. It is not unusual for the roof to have several blisters. Water standing on the roof often causes the blisters to form. Therefore, you need to work with roofers in Daytona to determine where the water is coming from and get that area fixed before addressing the blisters.

Stress in Ridges

The ridge is the highest point of your roof and should be located where two parts of the roof meet. While there are several different problems that can happen in this area of your roof, one of the biggest problems is that the hot Daytona sun can cause the top layer to expand and separate from the roofing insulation underneath. Then, water gets to the insulation and puddles form, which eventually get into the building’s attic. While the solution is to tear off the materials near the ridging and replace them, it is important to work with experienced roofers because walking on the ridge can cause damage. Furthermore, if the new materials are not properly installed, then the thermal expansion will occur again setting up a vicious cycle.

Attachment Failure

Regardless of the type of roof that you choose, wind can sometimes get under layers of it lifting away pieces. There are a couple of reasons that this commonly occurs. One is that enough fasteners were not installed in the base layer causing it to give way. A second common reason is that flashings were not properly attached. When the problem is small, it can often be fixed by simply reinstalling the piece that has blown off.

Roofs that are built by professionals with years of experience have fewer problems than those who are built by people just getting started in the industry. Therefore, you need to call Century Roofing Specialists today.