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Common Flat Roof Repairs

Common Flat Roof Repairs

Common Flat Roof Repairs

If you own a commercial building with a flat roof, then becoming familiar with the most common roof repairs can help you know when your roof needs repaired. Learning to spot the warning signs early can help you save money. Additionally, knowing the type of repair needed in your situation can help you make sure that a roofing contractor in Sanford is prepared to give you the service that you need.  

Open Joints

While several different reasons can cause open joints in flat roofs, one of the most common is ponding. If you inspect your roof after a rainstorm and discover that water is still standing on it, then it may cause problems. If the water continues to sit for a period, this section of the roof can get soft. Then, water can leak under your roofing materials and into the attic or drip through your ceilings. Often the soft part of the roof can be cut away, and then the roof replaced with new underlayment and roofing materials. You may also want to check your building’s foundation to make sure that It is not settling because flat roofs are built at a gentle slope so that water will pour off of them.  


Air pockets often cause blistering between layers of roofing materials or between the roofing materials and the roof decking. When the air expands with Sanford’s warm temperatures, then the air pocket becomes bigger. Eventually, it stays at its most significant size. Then, water can get in the pocket, causing your roof to leak. You may see the roofing materials start to come off your roof. Look closely at seams as that is where it often starts. A roofing contractor in Sanford will need to cut away the damaged area and replace it.  


As you look across the surface of your flat roof, then you may feel like you are looking at ocean waves. Weak or damaged roof decking often is the culprit. At that time, you will need to work with a roofing contractor in Sanford to discover what part of your roof’s structure is damaged and how to make repairs cost-effectively.  


If you look at your roof and see cracks going in many different directions, it is called alligatoring. There can be many various reasons, but one of the most common is drying out from the sun’s brutal heat. Roofers can fill small cracks, but if a large area is affected, then it may be necessary to redo the roof.  

Regardless of what type of problems you find on your Sanford flat roof, call Century Roofing Specialists. With over 17 years of experience in Central Florida, you can count on this roofing contractor in Sanford to correctly diagnose the problem and get it corrected the first time.