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Choosing a Roof That Withstands Hurricanes

Choosing a Roof That Withstands Hurricanes

Recent history has shown that storms have become more unpredictable than ever before. Therefore, if you are hiring roofers in Kissimmee, Florida, to install a new roof on your home, it may pay to choose a roof that is built to withstand a hurricane. The great news is that these roofs usually withstand hail, high winds, and other things that the weather may do better. After all, the weather in Florida can be very bipolar. Here are some factors you will want to keep in mind.

Build an Octagonal or Hexagonal Home

If you are starting from scratch, then consider having your home built in an octagonal or hexagonal shape. Choosing these shapes allows roofers in Kissimmee to put a roof on your home that has four or more panels. The more panels that a home has, the harder it is for the wind to get underneath and pull the whole thing off.

Choose Hip Style Roof

Forego the usual cost-saving measure of having a gable roof put on your home as you will have to replace it more often when strong winds blow. Instead, choose a hip-style roof as they encourage the wind to move up and away from your structure. Research shows that a hip roof with a 30-degree slope is best.

Strengthen Connectors

When inspectors looked at the damage following Hurricane Andrew, they found that many homes have the entire roof lifted off. Therefore, new homes must pass higher standards when it comes to connecting the roof to the walls. Even in older homes, it is vital to retrofit the home so that during a storm the wind’s force is passed down from the roof to the foundation, which is the most substantial part of the house. You should pay particular attention to the corners of your home as they will get the hardest hit.

Install Louvers

One of the biggest problems during windstorms is the changes in wind pressure. Installing a central shaft helps alleviate this problem. The purpose of these shafts is to force the outdoor suction inside as this pulls the roof onto the home during a windstorm; however, it also leaves the house open to weather elements. Researchers have found that attaching short vertical louvers extending up from the roof edge, or a horizontal baffle extending from the wall helps to minimize wind pressure while not leaving your home open to the elements.

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