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5 Common Mistakes Roofers Make

5 Common Mistakes Roofers Make

5 Common Mistakes Roofers Make

If you are thinking of hiring the lowest bid on your roofing job, realize that these roofers often make common mistakes. While everyone can make an honest mistake, when a dishonest roofer makes one, then they are nowhere to be found to get the mistake corrected. Here are some common roofing mistakes made on shingle roofs.

Spreading Shingles Too Thin

While the wind, hail and other weather elements can harm a shingle roof at any time, improperly installing shingles can make them blow off easily. One very common issue is that the roofer tries to get less material to cover the space. Therefore, instead of following the manufacturer’s recommended overlap, they use a much smaller overlap. Then, water gets under the shingles when it rains.

Putting Nails in the Wrong Place

Putting nails in the wrong place can cause lots of trouble on a shingle roof. Most shingles should be held in place with four nails. One should be placed about one inch from the edge of the shingle and the other two evenly spaced in the middle. It is essential that the pattern be consistent across the entire roof or you may experience leaks. Another commonly seen problem is that the nails are not pounded in straight because the roofer is in too big a hurry. When this happens, the shingle may come lose in the first high wind.

Missing or Improperly Lining Valleys

One of the most common places for a roof to leak is along the valley because of the sheer volume of water that collects in this area. This area is the dip where two or more roofs join. Since it is lower than the rest of the roof, it often fills with water. Therefore, the valley should be lined with a self-adhering membrane. Additionally, pieces of metal may need to be placed at the end to encourage the water to move on off the roof.

Missing or Improperly Installed Flashings

Everything that penetrates through the roof should have a flashing around it. Yet, many roofers fail to install flashings, so they just quickly cut the shingle to fit around roof pipes, roof vents and other things penetrating up through your roof. When this occurs, your roof may leak around these objects. This is especially true if the roofer has gotten in a hurry when cutting the shingle, so they did not cut accurately.

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