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3 Ways the Right Metal Roof

3 Ways the Right Metal Roof

3 Ways the Right Metal Roof

If you shudder to think what your summer energy bill is going to look like when it arrives at your mailbox or your inbox, then you may want to consider having a new metal roof installed before the hottest temperatures of the summer arrive in Sanford, Florida. There are at least three ways that having a new metal roof installed can save you money on your home or business energy bill while allowing everyone to stay comfortable this summer.

Coatings for Metal Roofs

Installing a metal roof coated with infrared pigment can save you money. These metal roofs are often referred to as cool roofs. One of the ways that they help to cut down on your energy usage is by reflecting the sun’s rays. You can experience this same energy release if you look at a bright metal object on a sunny day and it almost blinds you. That glare is the object reflecting the energy in the invisible spectrum. Secondly, these roofs by releasing some of the heat that is not reflected.

Integral Air Gaps

Another way that some metal roofs help you save energy is they offer integral air gaps. Instead of the metal roof lying flat against the sub-roof, there is a gap. This allows warm air to gather there and dissipate before it can enter your attic. According to the United States Department of Energy, metal roofs with integral air gaps experienced a 30 percent reduction in heat flowing into your attic. Even if you do not have a finished attic, this heat eventually goes into your home, so stopping it can be important in lowering your energy bills.

Attic Vents

You can easily add attic vents when having a new metal roof installed. There are two different types of attic vents available. Power vents rely on solar power or electricity to draw moisture and hot air out of your attic. Ridge vents sit along the highest peak of the attic and pull hot air out of the home. Since heat rises, they can be highly effective. You may also want to think about having attic fans installed. Whole house fans draw cool air from the bottom floor into the attic forcing out the hot air during the nighttime hours. Attic ventilation fans work by pulling hot air out of the attic, and they are typically mounted in the attic’s sidewalls.

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