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5 Myths About Metal Roofing You Should Not Believe

5 Myths About Metal Roofing You Should Not Believe

5 Myths About Metal Roofing You Should Not Believe

Roofing contractors in Sanford love using metal roofing for homeowners because it is cost-effective and can be used in many situations. However, due to some myths about metal roofing, a lot of homeowners are missing out on the benefits that they could be getting from using metal roofing for their home renovation projects.

Here are 4 of the top myths about metal roofing and the reality from experienced roofing contractors in Sanford:

Myth #1 – Metal roofing does not last

This is an assumption because of the lightness of metal roofing sheets. The truth is that despite the light weight, metal roofing is by far more durable than clay or slate roofing sheets and can survive serous punishment from hailstorms, windborne debris and other situations. The light weight is also vital as it is unlikely to collapse due to excess weight.

Myth #2 – Metal roofing can rust after exposure to water and snow

This is also not true because despite the common association of metal with rusting, metal roofing materials are made with special formulations that make them extremely water-resistant and rust-proof. In fact, metal roofing materials are backed by lifetime warranties by most manufacturers which is a testament to their durability.

Myth #3 – Metal roofing will cause excessive heating to your home

Contrary to popular opinions, metal roofs are some of the most energy-friendly roofing options available today as they reflect a lot of heat away from the home instead of heating it up. Metal roofing materials are cool and comfortable when installed correctly with the right type of ventilation.

Myth #4 – There is a lack of aesthetic options with metal roofing

You will be amazed to know that metal roofing can be created to fit any home design or style in any color that you like! You can have the classic tile look to match your other building materials or more modern colors to match your taste. Metal roofing materials can even be coordinated with gutters to produce nice, visually pleasing effects after installation. You can have metal roofing materials in any color of the rainbow that you desire.

Myth #5 – Metal roofs are tough to maintain

Because metal roofing materials are so durable, you can wash them thoroughly with virtually any method you wish. Cleaning a metal roof needs only a low-pressure washing service regularly. You don’t even need to wash metal roofs as much as you would tile or asphalt shingles which makes them even more cost effective and lower maintenance compared to other roofing types.

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