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Common Ways to Void Your Roof Warranty

Your home roof warranty usually comes from the manufacturer of the roofing materials and can save you thousands of dollars if you have issues with your roof years after purchase.

What is a roof warranty?

It is like giving their word on the quality of the roof they made. In other words, the manufacturer will foot the bills for repairs and replacement of the roofing materials that have factory defects. In most cases, they are usually responsible for labor fees as well.

It is, however, vital to note that there are things that can void the warranty you will have on a roof. Besides, warranties are not usually the same, so it is essential that you are familiar with your roof’s warranty.

However, here are three ways in which you can void the warranty of your roof.

1. Poor Workmanship

Working with skilled and quality roofers in Daytona is important when it comes to getting the best from your roof. You are expected to get yourself a quality roofer so that your roof is installed correctly. Any fault due to inexperienced workmanship during the process of repair or installation will void your roof warranty.

Some instances of poor-quality installation or repairs that can void your warranty are:

2. Working with an Unlicensed Roofer

A license is like a standard certification that affirms that anyone, a contractor, for instance, has met the standard training requirements for the job. Hence, hiring a licensed roofer in Daytona means your contractor will install your roof according to all the applicable roofing quality standards and building codes.

With this in mind, working with an unlicensed roofer is a cause for concern as there is no way you can be sure of the quality they will deliver. Most manufacturers are aware of this. Hence, working with unlicensed roofers will void your warranty as it may be difficult to reach them when your roof has issues and the manufacturers may cite this as the cause of your roofing issues.

3. Poor Roofing maintenance

While some warranties do not mandate regular maintenance, many do require it. If your roof warranty requires you to maintain your roof, be sure to find out the following:

Also, keep adequate records of all roofing repairs and inspection. This will serve as proof that you are following the terms of the roof warranty.

If you need help with roof maintenance, be sure to get in touch with us at Century Roofing Specialists. We have a team of skilled roofers in Daytona that will keep your roof in good condition. Give us a call today.